About me

Maker is a small furniture and woodwork company based in Highland Perthshire.

Detail-oriented, Maker’s designs are handcrafted in the finest sustainable materials that match contemporary design with a traditional aesthetic.

Maker is Steven Gray, an experienced young craftsman who designs thoughtful pieces inspired by the unmatched beauty of his local landscape.

Lucky to have found his calling while still at school, Steven’s natural aptitude for design and craftsmanship was nurtured by one of his teachers. Encouraged to learn his trade in the bright lights of a big city, Steven earned an HND in Furniture Construction and Design at Glasgow’s College of Building and Printing, graduating in 2002.

Armed with his newfound knowledge and brimming with ideas and ambition, he took flight, landing in Australia where he secured a job with Rob Newham, a leading French polisher and antique restorer in Melbourne. There he worked on delicate furniture restoration, a highly skilled assignment requiring great patience and precision, including prized jobs for the historic Government House.

After returning to his roots and settling in his hometown of Pitlochry, in 2005 Steven began working with Angus Ross, one of the UK’s leading designer makers, where he continues to work today. Steven’s skill and love for his craft was honed in the Perthshire-based workshop and soon his talent and input was so respected he was the senior maker and workshop manager. Their work sells globally, is regularly nominated for prestigious awards, and has seen them attend international design exhibitions everywhere from London to Shanghai.

2016 launched this talented furniture maker’s new enterprise, a bespoke small business where he can cultivate his creativity and continue to expand his personal style. Maker, designed to complement his existing career, will specialise in custom commissions and developmental designs, allowing Steven to employ his wealth of experience in making timeless and unique pieces.

Steven is innovative, experimental and explorative. His keen eye for detail is evident in each piece he produces, from bespoke commissions co-created with clients to small-batch design lots.

Influenced by the natural environment and mindful of the practical and visual function of every item he conceives and makes, he is motivated by sustainability and takes great pleasure in charting the evolution of organic materials into pleasing objects of style and substance.

Above all else, Steven is a furniture maker committed to crafting handmade fine furniture that embodies elegance and is as functional as it is beautiful to look at.